Andrew Walesch and Dave Karr

Andrew Walesch

Dave Karr

All Ages
Multi-generational Twin Cities jazz stalwarts Andrew Walesch and Dave Karr join forces

Like a good many before him, singer and pianist Andrew Walesch somehow manages to encapsulate the sophistication of a cosmopolite and the self-effacing charm of a country boy.

Whether composing and arranging or appearing in settings ranging from solo artist to big band, this St. Cloud, Minnesota native, who criss-crosses the bold North playing dates big and small, is as respectful of his predecessors as he is ready to take a leap into the unknown and chart a new course.

In his monthly, sold-out shows with his 10-piece band at the lakeside supper club Crooners - on the border of Minneapolis, but at the center of the Twin Cities music scene - Walesch is a traditionalist and an iconoclast rolled into one. His audiences include jazz enthusiasts of a certain age, as well as a younger crowd compelled by his down-home insouciance, and the knowing irreverence of a tried-and-true American nightclub entertainer. “Although they are my idols, I don’t attempt to imitate the great pop and jazz artists of the 50’s and 60’s,” says the singer and pianist, “but I go for broke when we do our shows - vocally and musically - which is what they all did best and why they were in a class of their own. I take risks, but I’m from Minnesota, so I’ve got jumper cables in the trunk.”

His vocal and piano chops, along with his keen sensibility to find and interpret a great lyric, have lead to some great opportunities for Walesch, including an appearance on the nationally syndicated NPR broadcast Mountain Stage

Venue Information:
The Dunsmore Jazz Room
6161 Hwy 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432