Maurice Jacox and Reuben Ristrom

Reuben Ristrom

Maurice Jacox

All Ages
Maurice Jacox and Reuben Ristrom reflect on a 40 year-long musical partnership

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Maurice Jacox’s primary contribution to the Twin Cities’ R&B community was as the lead vocalist for the legendary R&B band, Willie & The Bumblebees. Their Honey From The Bee LP is a highly collectible record that has been featured in the pages of Wax Poetics. Jacox’s smooth falsetto and powerful stage presence rival that of the greatest names in soul music.

Reuben Ristrom’s several decades of experience include night clubs, jazz festivals, concerts, shows, recording sessions, strolling ensembles, solo guitar or banjo, leading sing-alongs and more…

His styles include: Dixieland, mainstream jazz, swing, standards, latin, as well as a dose of vintage rock ‘n’ roll.

A Twin Cities native and U of M graduate with 50 years in the music business, Reuben has worked concerts, shows and jazz festivals throughout the continental US and Hawaii, gigging with the best local musicians and many national ‘name’ artists.

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432