A KAJ Production Feat. Kathleen Johnson and Top-Notch Vocalists

Kathleen Johnson

$25.00 - $35.00
All Ages
KATHLEEN JOHNSON and KAJ Productions Present AN ETTA JAMES EXPERIENCE, back by popular demand!

A celebration of the music and life of the late and great ETTA JAMES with Kathleen Johnson and a bevy of top-notch vocal talent.

And more Featuring…an “ORIGINAL BEST KEPT SECRET” KATHLEEN JOHNSON of “Musicians4musicians” and a mentor with “Raisingthebar, and Artist’s Loft”. She has recorded, performed live and toured with many local, National and International recording artists live and on stage such as BILLY MCLAUGHLIN, KERI NOBLE, LORI LINE, MALINA MOYE, ALEXANDER O’NEAL and PRINCE. This production is a journey through some of ETTA’s greatest recordings and relationships as it pertains to who mentored her and who was mentored, inspired by, and taught through her vocal and visual performances. It is tied together with other material from artists who were greatly influenced by ETTA and her vocal stylings like MAHALIA JACKSON, ARETHA FRANKLIN, JANICE JOPLIN, and more!

Kathleen recorded and released a live record of the music of ETTA JAMES which is a raw display of what Minneapolis represents as it pertains to live musicians. The project was recorded in Edina Minnesota by JASON MILLER of “RUNWAY STUDIOS” and was one of the very last laid down in this space before it closed. It was in the same studio that use to be “FLYTE TYME” studios where two world famous record producers JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS created most of their greatest projects and worked out of for many years before moving their studios to LA. Need we say more?

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432