King of Soul - A Valentine's Day Concert
Mick Sterling Presents Mark Lickteig's Otis Redding Show

King of Soul - A Valentine's Day Concert

Mark Lickteig
All Ages
Minneapolis music icon Mark Lickteig sings the music of Otis Redding this Valentine's Day!

Singer, Instrumentalist, and Entertainer, a major force in the Minneapolis music scene. What people may not know is Mark is also a Songwriter, Arranger and Lyricist who’s songs, singing, and playing have been featured on many recordings by such great bands as Spark, Free and Easy, The Rupert’s Orchestra, Mick Sterling and The Stud Brothers, Dr. Mambos Combo, and The R Factor.

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432