Marilyn Maye - 8pm
Legendary Cabaret Star Returns to Minneapolis to Celebrate Nat King Cole

Marilyn Maye - 8pm

All Ages
"She’s the real deal, the surviving artist of the American popular singer” - Rex Reed, New York Observer

In the years since Marilyn Maye first appeared in the spotlight as a tiny pre-teen vocalist in a series of amateur contests in Topeka, Kansas, she has received an endless stream of kudos. The late Johnny Carson called her “Super Singer.” Ella Fitzgerald dubbed her “The greatest white female singer in the world.” The Houston Chronicle termed her “A National Treasure.” And the prestigious Smithsonian Institution chose her recording of “Too Late Now” (from her RCA Lamp Is Low album) for inclusion in its Best Performers of the Best Compositions of the 20th Century permanent collection, along with such other singing greats as Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland.

Marilyn holds the singers’ record for appearances -- 76 -- on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.


Throughout 2019 the lakeside supper club Crooners presents “The World of Cole,” a series of monthly concerts celebrating the musical and social change legacy of the iconic singer and trailblazer Nat King Cole (1919 – 1965).

The legendary Marilyn Maye will be among the headliners. She returns to Minneapolis for the first time since 2010 for a four-show major engagement landing on Cole’s birthday month of March. The 90-year-old entertainment phenomenon from Kansas City -- who is at the peek, many insist, of a remarkable six-decade career, plays Crooner’s newly refurbished, 200-seat MainStage in back-to-back early and late shows, on Saturday and Sunday March 23 and 24.

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432