Mick Sterling Presents Billy Joel Acoustic and Strings

Mick Sterling Presents Billy Joel Acoustic and Strings

Mick Sterling
All Ages
Mick Sterling Brings A Special Acoustic Presentation of 'A Billy Joel State of Mind" to the Crooners Lakeside Tent!

Mick Sterling Presents is very proud to perform songs from the A Billy Joel State of Mind show, along with Joel classics in an acoustic form with the one and only Peter Guertin piano and the extremely talented Cierra Hill and Lisi Wright on Violins at Concert Under the Stars on June 7th! Songs like UNTIL THE NIGHT, VIENNA, ALLENTOWN, SUMMER HIGHLAND FALLS, and many more will be performed in this intimate and beautiful setting.

Mick Sterling is celebrating his 38th year in the music business. His career, like any musician doing it as long as he has, has experienced many changes, highlights, low-lights and everything in between. What may be of interest to all of you is that even after all of this time, Sterling is finding new musical and theatrical challenges and more excited about being in the music business than ever before.

Within those 38 years, Sterling has transformed himself from a young and energetic lead singer of throw-together bands in to one of the most recognized names in the Twin Cities music scene. His band he led for 17 years and recently inducted in to the Mid-West and Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, MICK STERLING AND THE STUD BROTHERS, falls in the category of the other legendary Twin Cities Soul and R&B bands such as Doug Maynard, Willie and the Bees, Lamont Cranston and others. The band ended regular performances in 2005, but have performed periodic shows at their home base of BUNKERS MUSIC BAR AND GRILL since 2011 to rave reviews by huge crowds. Mick Sterling and his company Mick Sterling Presents produces over 20 theatrical and live music shows all around the midwest region.

Venue Information:
Crooners Lakeside Tent
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432