RUNNING ON FAITH a Tribute to "Eric Clapton Unplugged"

RUNNING ON FAITH a Tribute to "Eric Clapton Unplugged"

All Ages
RUNNING ON FAITH A tribute to Clapton’s iconic “Eric Clapton Unplugged” Album.

This album was a staple in most households since it’s release in the early 90’s.

Carl Torgerson has been performing in the midwest for the last 20 + years. Light years ago, at only 16, he had one of his first shows ever performing an original Kottke-esque instrumental guitar piece at the MN State Fair Grandstand. From original works, to collaborating and supporting other artists, Torgerson has had the honor of playing some of the biggest festivals in the country along with some of the most remote and intimate venues with plenty of musical soot on the walls.

Torgerson, like many of our finest Minnesota musicians, is excited to pay homage to an inspiration and icon the only way musicians know how; by collaborating with some of the most talented musicians to create a tasteful tribute to this 6 time grammy winning album as part of Clapton’s extensive body of work.

Music patrons can expect to hear the entire ‘Unplugged’ album performed along with some audible icing on the cake.

Thanks to Mick Sterling Presents

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432