The Belfast Cowboys

The Belfast Cowboys

All Ages
"Playing Van Morrison covers a few nights a week for the past decade made them into a thoroughbred-class band." - Chris Riemenschneider

The Belfast Cowboys are a nine-piece band that specializes in the music of Van Morrison. Powered by a four-piece horn section, the Cowboys have risen to the top of the renowned Minnesota music scene, and have consistently packed houses and wowed crowds since 2002.

The band rarely leaves home, traveling for shows in Chicago, New York, and Ireland only when it tickles the players' collective fancy. And why should they? Between the smaller version of the band (known as St Dominic's Trio) and the full-throttle Cowboys, the lads average over 120 shows a year in and around Minneapolis, playing for three or four hours a night.

Along with any of the hundred or so Van Morrison nuggets in their repertoire, you might hear them do original songs, or selections by Springsteen, the Stones, Joe Cocker, the Beatles, the Who, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Southside Johnny, Sam Cooke, Graham Parker, The Replacements, John Prine, Al Green, Elvis Costello, among many others.

"Playing Van Morrison covers a few nights a week for the past decade made them into a thoroughbred-class band. Then singer/songwriter Terry Walsh cut loose his horn-addled ensemble to run through his own champion-breed originals, which make up half this album, including the Slim Dunlap-wry “Rock Band” and majestic soul-tugging epic “Looking for the Northern Lights.”" - Chris Riemenschneider, 1/31/15

"After taking the stage as often as the Twins took the field in town over the past decade — and for gigs that often lasted as long as an average ballgame — Twin Cities bar vets the Belfast Cowboys not surprisingly sound effortlessly tight and soulful on their first album in six years, “The Upside to the Downslide.” What’s more surprising is how well frontman Terry Walsh’s original tunes — such as the instant-classic “Looking for the Northern Lights” and Soul Asylum-y “Killjoy Was Here” — stack up and blend in with the deep Van Morrison cuts that are the band’s bread and butter, including the Them nugget “My Lonely Sad Eyes” and a hard-grinding “I’ve Been Working.” They knocked it outta the park with this one." - Chris Riemenschneider

Venue Information:
Crooners Main Stage
6161 Highway 65 NE
Minneapolis, MN, 55432